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Admissions & Records:

Terms & Conditions for the Cross Enrollment Program

In addition to meeting the criteria listed in the General Information section, the following is a list of enrollment conditions that also govern the program:

  • Approval for cross enrollment is valid only for the term approved and is subject to space availability, deadlines, registration procedures and the priorities of the host campus. You must reapply for each term you wish to cross enroll.
  • The host campus may charge a $10 administration fee for cross enrollment for each term.
  • You will be required to pay any additional fees required of other students for the class at the host campus, including lab or materials fees, breakage, etc..
  • Academic advisement should be accomplished through the IVC Counseling Office. Students are advised to check with an IVC counselor before enrolling in classes. You will want to ensure the class will meet your educational goal and is transferable.
  • Evidence of completion of prerequisites may be required at the time of enrollment by the host campus.
  • Financial aid is only available through the IVC Financial Aid Office. Students using veterans, federal or state funding, must secure eligibility through the IVC Financial Aid Office.
  • Credit earned through cross enrollment can be used in your degree or transfer evaluation. To do this, have an official transcript sent to the IVC Office of Admissions and Records once you have completed your coursework at the host campus.
  • Health services on the host campus will be limited to emergency treatment only.
  • Because of overlapping academic calendars, cross enrollment is available in the following combinations:
      IVC Calendar Host Campus CSU or UC Calendar
      Fall Semester Fall Semester or Quarter
      Spring Semester Either Spring Semester or Winter or Spring Quarter
      Summer Session Summer Session or Quarter

  • Participation in student activities or use of the student union at the host campus is subject to the limitations set by the host campus.
  • Parking at the host campus is available by purchasing the parking permit or paying the daily fee available at that campus.
  • Information concerning identification card policies should be obtained during registration at the host campus.
  • Students are subject to all administrative procedures required by the host campus.


Above all, the IVC counselors, Transfer Center and the Office of Admissions and Records are all here to help you take advantage of this program. Stop by the Transfer Center in the Student Services Center, Room 230, or call (949) 451-5339 to get assistance.


T:  949-451-5220
O: Student Services Center

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