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Admissions & Records:

Register for Classes Online 

Mysite Online Registration is available from any computer with internet access. Our staff can also assist you during office hours with online registration at our kiosks located at the Office of Admissions & Records, Student Services building first floor. Photo ID is required.

Foster Youth and Military/Veterans Priority Registration is given to students who qualify:

  • Foster Youth Students are eligible for priority registration if under the age of 25.
  • Military/Veteran Students who are required to complete matriculation qualify for priority registration. Military/Veteran Students who have already earned an associate degree or higher are not required to complete matriculation and do not qualify for priority registration. Also, Military/Veteran Students who are on two consecutive semesters of probation or have earned 100 or more units do not qualify for priority registration.

If you qualify, print/complete the Priority Registration Request Form below and submit it with required documentation to the Office of Admissions and Records. 

Foster Youth and Military Veterans Priority Registration.pdf 

How Registration Times Are Assigned

Registration times are assigned in priority order based on academic standing, completed degree-applicable units, completion of matriculation, and other factors. For more information visit our Enrollment Priorities website.

Adding Classes

Full Semester

During the first week of instruction:

If the class is open (i.e., if it is posted on the Open Class List online), you may enroll online using your MySite account.

If the class is closed, you must consult the course instructor for permission to enroll. Instructors will use their discretion in issuing add permits. You may enroll online using the add permit code (APC) issued by the instructor. Enrollment with an APC must be done by the last day to add indicated on the APC.

During the second week of instruction:

All full-semester classes are considered officially closed and require an add permission code (APC) issued by the instructor. Add permits must be used by the end of their expiration date or they will not be honored.

Short-Term & 8-Week Classes

Once the term has begun, you may enroll in open eight-week, short-term, and other late-starting classes only until the day before the first class meeting. Once a class closes, instructor permission is required for all add activity.

Dropping Classes

You can drop a class online in MySite registration, or by filing a "Drop Card" at the Office of Admissions and Records. The deadlines for dropping a class are:

  • Drop without a "W" grade - no more than the first 20% of the course based on the ticket number.

  • Drop with a "W" grade - no more than 65% of the course

For specific course deadline dates refer to detail information in the online schedule of classes.


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O: Student Services Center

Regular Office Hours

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