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Residency General Information

Each person applying to a California community college must be classified as a resident or nonresident.

Resident tuition is reduced through support from the taxpayers of this community college district and the state of California. Nonresidents are required to cover the full costs of their tuition and therefore pay a higher rate. The web page is designed to help define resident versus nonresident, how to apply for residency if you feel you are eligible for reclassification, and offer a new opportunity for reduced tuition through the adoption of Assembly Bill (AB) 540.

A resident student is an individual who has lived in California for at least one year and one day prior to the beginning of a semester, and has taken steps to establish residency within the state.

A nonresident student is a person who has resided in the state for less than one year prior to the beginning of the semester, may have been in California for more than a year but took actions that don't support the establishment of residency, or may be in the United States on a visa that precludes them from being classified as a resident. Most foreign students admitted to the United States under a student (F-1) visa cannot establish residency. The only exception is under the provisions of AB 540. See the AB 540 section of this web page to determine if you may apply for this exemption.

The Office of Admissions and Records is charged with making residency determinations. Students classified as nonresidents who feel they should be reclassified can do so by filling out the IVC California Residency Reclassification Questionnaire that may be downloaded from this site. Ensure you provide all possible documentation available to assist us in making a determination with your case.

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