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Placement Challenge & Retest Policy

Dates for both the math challenge for placement and the foreign language prerequisite challenge are currently not available. The math challenge will not be available until the campus reopens. Students interested in taking the foreign language challenge can contact IVCAM@IVC.EDU to schedule a Zoom appointment. As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, please visit Coronavirus Update for the latest status of IVC student support services.

Students who would like to challenge their math, ESL, and/or language placement may do so by submitting their high school/college transcripts, and AP Exam scores.  Students can also opt to take the math challenge, and/or completing a writing sample. 

Math Challenge

Any student may challenge the placement received by either taking the Math Challenge Test or by submitting the Request for Prerequisite Clearance Form and providing any supporting documents. If you would like to take the test to try and place into courses above transfer level math, schedule an appointment to speak with a counselor.


English as a Second Language (ESL) Writing Sample

Students may complete an ESL Writing Sample in order to improve their initial ESL Assessment course placements. Students cannot take the ESL Writing Sample unless they have completed the ESL Assessment first.

Foreign Language Course Writing Samples

All non-entry level foreign language courses have prerequisites as outlined by the College Catalog. Students who do not meet the course prerequisites for Spanish, French, Chinese, or Japanese courses may complete a Writing Sample in one of these languages.

Retest Policy

English as a Second Language (ESL) assessment exam

Students are allowed to retest for ESL once during the calendar year. The retest must be a minimum of two weeks after the initial test. Additionally, students may also complete a writing sample once every six months to challenge their results.

Math  challenge exam

Students may take the math challenge only once per semester, for possible placement above transfer level math courses.