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Laser Day

Laser Day

Event Schedule

Thank you for joining our virtual Laser Day this year! Recorded sessions are available below.

Questions & Feedback

If you have any questions, feedback, or would like additional information about the topics that were presented, please complete the online form via the following button.

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Recorded Sessions

Welcome & Student Panel

The live virtual Laser Day Welcome session provides a program overview and agenda, an official welcome to Irvine Valley College from IVC leadership, as well as a student panel that will answer questions submitted by registered Laser Day participants. You'll also learn about the IVC Scavenger Hunt and how you can win a prize!

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School Presentations


Made up of some of the finest artists, educators, and individuals ever assembled in one place, the School of the Arts epitomizes excellence in all the arts. Although the curriculum may appear traditional in its focus, there is much room and appreciation for creativity and self-directed study. Whether your interest lies in Dance, Music, Speech, Theatre, or the Visual Arts there is a place for you at Irvine Valley College. Here at IVC, an understanding of the arts is viewed as essential to understanding what makes us human.

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Business Sciences

The School of Business Sciences offers a variety of programs and curriculum in Accounting, Business Management, Computer Information Management, Entrepreneurship, Paralegal Studies, and Real Estate.

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Programs and Majors: English, Film Studies, Gender Studies, History, Humanities, Journalism, Philosophy, Religious Studies

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Irvine Valley College’s (IVC) School of Integrated Design, Engineering, and Automation (IDEA) serves as a catalyst for innovative career education opportunities at the Advanced Technology and Education Park (ATEP) in Tustin. Program offerings include design model making, drafting and engineering, electrical technology, and electronic technology.

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Join the Dean for a review of the KNES and Public Health degrees, Fitness Professional certificate, and Student Handbook. Information on esports, Athletics, career paths and the teaching professionals in these disciplines.

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Language and Learning Resources

Programs and Majors: Chinese, ESL & Adult ESL (AESL), French, Japanese, Sign Language, Spanish

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Life Sciences and Technologies

The School of Life Sciences and Technologies at Irvine Valley College offers a wide range of courses in the biological sciences as well as selected courses in environmental studies. The introductory courses focus on theories and concepts in five primary areas: cellular and molecular biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, and whole organism biology.

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Math and Computer Science

The Mathematics Department at Irvine Valley College seeks to contribute to the fulfillment of the college's mission by helping students enrolled in our courses achieve the following goals: develop proficiency in the use of mathematics needed to function in society, develop proficiency in the use of mathematics necessary for a given graduation degree or certificate of completion program, acquire mathematical knowledge and skills for further career achievement, acquire mathematical knowledge and skills for further academic study.

The Computer Science Department in the School of Mathematics and Computer Science conducts a program designed for students who are developing computer programming skills in preparation to transfer to a four-year college or university. Courses are intended to meet the needs of students at various levels of competence, from the novice to the expert. The department acquaints students with the presently available methods of computer science that are useful in solving problems of science, industry, and government; prepares students for the additional formal education and self-education required in this ever-developing field, and fosters students' abilities to solve computer science problems.

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Physical Sciences and Technologies

The School of Physical Sciences and Technologies offers courses and programs in various branches of the physical sciences, including astronomy and physics, chemistry, geology, and oceanography.

Instructional programs include lower-division courses for the transfer student, introductory lecture/laboratory courses, the geology field program, and technological training courses. The curriculum throughout the school emphasizes the study of the natural universe from the perspective of empirical science. The goal is to provide students with an essential foundation that will allow them to better appreciate and understand our world and the problems of its management. The faculty of the school hopes to maximize the opportunity for students to give abstract theories practical application and personal relevance.

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Social and Behavioral Sciences

An education must include training in the scientific/empirical method of inquiry used in the social and behavioral sciences, as well as the fundamental principles that govern these disciplines. These principles influence the processes of human interaction, human behavior, and social institutions and help to define us individually and collectively as a society. An understanding of the principles of the social and behavioral sciences, combined with critical thinking, enhances an individual’s ability to make responsible political, moral, and social decisions in the modern, everyday world.

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Student Success Strategies Sessions

Balancing Life and School

How will you have time for friends, school, work, and everything else? Come learn skills and tips on how to balance your new college life.

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What is Career Education?

How do you know what career path is right for you? Your career doesn’t start after school, it starts NOW! No matter your career path, it’s important to have a plan that will help you be successful after graduation. Come learn about the many Career Education Pathways available at IVC and how you can explore possible careers/majors. Attendees will learn about the Career Center’s resources; get access to IVC’s job posting website; and learn valuable tips and strategies to build your academic and professional profile – starting NOW. Find out how the Career Center can help you!

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How to Start Off on the Path to Success

You may have missed some significant events in your life: high school graduation, prom, grad night and so many other missed opportunities.

IVC has virtual and in-person resources, and is here to support your transition to college during this unusual time. This workshop will provide resources to ensure you have the tools necessary to be successful at IVC and beyond.

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Know Your Personality

Discover‌the‌influence‌of‌personality‌upon‌our‌daily‌live and‌preferences.‌Students will take a short online personality assessment, followed by a fun and informative presentation.

*Limit number of students to 25.

**Session will run 90 minutes.

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Navigating Your First Semester of College Online

What are the online resources that IVC offers? Learn more about a variety of online resources that can help you be successful in your first semester of college.

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Thrive in First Semester

Do you want to start the semester off connecting with new students and a counselor on how to thrive and not just hold it togethering amidst Covid-19? Then you don’t want to miss out on this webinar!

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Transfer in Two Years

Transferring in two years can be a challenge. Learn about different requirements for multiple transfer school options along with some tips and programs that can assist you along your academic journey.

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Transfer Information, Resources, and Opportunities for STEM Majors

Are you a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) major? If yes, then please join us for a workshop designed specifically for you to learn about STEM transfer information, resources, and opportunities. Specifically, we will cover transfer planning for STEM majors, as well as research and internship opportunities for STEM students. In addition, we will cover tips and strategies for STEM majors to be successful here at Irvine Valley College.

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Undecided Majors

"What's your major?" If you are being asked this question and don't have an answer, this workshop is for you! Learn why it's important to decide on your major sooner rather than later. Also, discover the connection between majors and careers and leave with some strategies for deciding on a major

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Student Services & Program Sessions

Honors Program

The IVC Honors Program provides academic enrichment and a supportive community for highly motivated students. In this information session, the Honors Program Director will explain the benefits of joining the program and the process for applying.

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Financial Aid

Virtually join Erica Lehman from the Irvine Valley College Financial Aid office, who will present general information and answer questions about financial aid.

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Student Life

The Office of Student Life is hosting a Student Life Virtual Open House for students to learn about opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom at IVC! Students will hear about campus life, clubs, student government, and so much more!

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IVC Technology Services

IVC Technology Services will provide information regarding accessing various accounts such as email, MySite and Canvas, resources available to students (Microsoft Office 365 and Google Applications) as well as the best ways to contact the help desk if needed.

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Additional Information & Resources

The information and resources listed below are available for self-exploration. Click on the respective titles for more information.

COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Irvine Valley College is currently providing on-campus services in the Student Services Center, Health and Wellness Center, Library, International Students Center, and Student Activities Center. Please check department websites for office hours.

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Honors Program

The IVC Honors Program provides academic enrichment and a supportive community for highly motivated students. Program benefits include small, seminar-style honors classes; priority admission review at UCLA and UCI; designated honors counselors; priority registration for classes; and an Honors study lounge.

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Learn About MySite

Watch this video to learn how to navigate through your student portal.

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How to Register for Classes

Watch our tutorial video to learn how to register for classes using your MySite account.

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The mission of the IVC Library is to cultivate student success, information competency, and lifelong learning by providing quality services and programs to ensure equitable access to information resources for Irvine Valley College’s diverse community. Our primary goal is to provide a pleasant, user-oriented learning environment for all our students, both on and off campus.

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Student Success Center

The goal of the Student Success Center is to help you make the most of your educational experience at Irvine Valley College. Our tutoring services are free and available to all students enrolled in many courses offered on campus. Computer lab access is available to those students enrolled in courses that require specialized software that is loaded on the computers in the Student Success Center. We also have a 3D printer, scanners, and regular print station available for student use. Tutoring is available year-round, during fall, spring, and summer sessions.

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Math Center

The Math Center offers FREE tutoring to all math courses taught at Irvine Valley College. Due to the partial campus closure for the Fall 2021 semester, the Math Center currently continues to function online through Canvas only until further notice. Please check back with us on our website for the most updated information about our service. Currently, students can request assistance through the Math Center in Canvas by utilizing the discussion associated with their math course. Live chat is available with our staff during the Math Center Canvas hours.

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Writing Center

The Writing Center offers assistance, services, and resources to students enrolled in a Writing Conference course (WR 181, WR 182, WR 380, and WR 382). Check the website for more information on the services we are currently offering.

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Health and Wellness Center

The IVC Health and Wellness Center is now open for limited appointments in person! For any non-sick visits (such as STD testing, rash, earache, female exams, etc.) call us to schedule an appointment to see our health care providers! For more information, you may also email us.

We are available via phone and Zoom conference for currently registered IVC students.

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Title IX Training

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance.

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Virtual Campus Tour

Take an interactive, virtual tour of the IVC campus. Our tour guide will lead you through campus by way of panoramic photos, providing information about each location as you go.

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