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Freshman Advantage Program  

The Freshman Advantage Program is designed for new students who have never attended college and are planning to attend Irvine Valley College. This program encourages students new to college to apply for admission and complete the matriculation process early. Those who do so will receive a Freshman Advantage Early Registration time for two consecutive semesters (not including summer). This will allow students who qualify for the Freshman Advantage Program to enroll in their classes before most currently enrolled IVC students.

PLAN AHEAD!!! DO NOT WAIT!!! Completing these steps can take 3-4 weeks. Fast Fridays can help to expedite the Matriculation process. To participate in Fast Fridays, you must first complete an IVC admission application and Orientation.

For Freshman Advantage Registration

Students who complete all the admissions and matriculation steps by Friday, May 15, 2015 will receive the Freshman Advantage Registration time for the Fall 2015 semester.

Complete the following steps in order.

  • 1. Apply for Admission (click for more)
    • Spring 2015: Apply online starting September 1, 2014 
      Fall 2015: Apply online starting December 1, 2014.

  • 2. Apply for Financial Aid (click for more)
    • Financial aid is money that helps you pay for the cost of your education (college fees, books and supplies, and basic living expenses). Sources of financial aid include the federal government, state governments, lending institutions, and the institution you are attending. IVC awards over $10 million in financial aid annually. | Visit Financial Aid

  • 3. Complete Online Orientation (click for more)
    • Orientation is an important opportunity for you to become familiar with the terminology and expectations for attending college. You must apply for admission before completing orientation. Login to MySite to complete orientation.

  • 4. Complete Assessment (click for more)
    • Assessment measures your skills in English comprehension, reading and math. The scores from the Assessments are used for course placement in math, English and English as a Second Language. PREPARING in ADVANCE for the assessment can save you time and money. Failing to prepare could place you into course one to two levels (semesters) below your actual knowledge and skills. IVC faculty has created review material specifically designed for preparing for the assessment.

      Assessments are offered by appointment at IVC. Also, assessments are offered at select high schools. You may not take the assessment test until you have applied for admission and completed Orientation. Visit Assessment Overview to locate study questions and assessment schedule.

  • 5. Complete Advisement and Develop an Initial Educational Plan (click for more)
    • Advisement may be completed online or group in person sessions. You may not complete Advisement until you have applied for admission, completed Orientation and Assessment. | Visit Advisement


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