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Admissions & Records:

Repeating Courses 

State regulations have been changed to restrict the number of times a student may enroll in the same course.  Courses categorized into various types.

Not Repeatable:  Courses is independent and possesses no relationship to other courses.  Course can only be repeated in limited circumstances.  For example, HIST 21 American History Since the Civil War is an independent course and possesses no relationship to other courses.  It is designated as not repeatable.

Family of Courses:  A family of courses are a set courses in a related topic area.  For example, ART 80 Drawing Fundamentals, ART 81 Representational Drawing, ART 82 Advanced Drawing, ART 85 Life Drawing I, ART 86 Advanced Life Drawing, and ART 186 Drawing the Heads and Hands are all in a family of art drawing courses.  Each course is independent, but the courses are in a family of course and a student may only take four of the six art drawing courses.

Fractional Courses:  A course may be designated as fractional when it is a portion of another course.  For example, JA 1A Introduction of Beginning Japanese I and JA 1B Continuation of Japanese I are both a fractional part of JA 1 Beginning Japanese I.  Students who complete JA 1A, may not enroll in JA 1.  Once JA 1A is successfully completed, student may only move onto JA 1B.
Generally students may not repeat a course for which they have previously enrolled at IVC or Saddleback College.  There are only very specific circumstances in which a student may reenroll in a course.  Students may reenroll in a course without a petition in the following circumstances.

  • The course has been identified as repeatable because mastery of the skills may be take more than once semester to fully develop. These courses are identified in the IVC catalog with a “R” (Repeat) code of —”R-A,” R-E,”or “R-I at the end of their course description. The number following the code indicates how many times the course may be repeated. For example, a course with the code “R‑E-3” may be repeated three times. If you take an equivalent Saddleback College course, it may affect the total number of enrollments allowed.
  • Student has earned a D, F, NP (previously NC) or W in a course.  However, the student may only repeat a class TWICE for which one of these grades has been earned.

Students may repeat a course for which they have previously enrolled only by petition and only for one of the following circumstances.

  • Significant Lapse of Time:  Only students whose last enrollment resulted in a passing grade may qualify for the exception.  To repeat a specific course the course or program must have a recency perquisite of not less than three years as a condition of admission to a program offered at the University of California or the California State University.  Students must provide documentation for the program’s requirement.
  • Extenuating Circumstances:  The student may request to repeat a course in the event one of the previous grades earned was in part due to Extenuating Circumstances which is defined as documented cases of accident, injury or other circumstance beyond the student’s control.  Students are responsible for providing necessary documentation and clearly demonstrating the circumstances were beyond their control.
  • Legally Mandated Training:  Students may repeat a course if that course is legally mandated (by law or statute) and is a condition of for the student’s paid or volunteer employment.  Students must supply the law or statute which requires the training and evidence that their employer or potential employer requires this training as a condition of employment.
  • Significant Change in Industry of Licensure:  Students may repeat a course if there has been a significant change in the industry or licensure standards since the student previously completed the course AND the student must take the course again for employment and licensure.  Students must provide supporting documentation for clearly meeting both conditions.
  • Disability Related Accommodation:     

To request any of these exceptions, complete a Request to Repeat a Course and submit to the Admissions and Records Office.  Allow at least five business days for a decision.  Students whose petitions are approved will not be permitted to attempt to enroll in the specific course until one week before classes begin. 


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