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Admissions & Records:

Definitions & Terms

Priority Groups
Students who are verified or authorized as members of the following groups.  Active Duty Military and Veterans, Foster Youth and Former Foster Youth, DSPS, EOPS, Athletes, Honors, ASIVC.
Freshman Advantage
Students who are first-time college students.  The have never attended college since attending high school, regardless of how long ago they attended high school.  Students must have completed all the matriculation steps (orientation, math and English assessment, and advisement) by the designated deadline to qualify.
Continuing students
Students who were enrolled at Irvine Valley College or Saddleback College in the previous fall or spring semester (excluding summer session).  Students who first enroll in summer are not afforded continuing student status for fall semester; they are classified as a New/Returning student or Freshman Advantage.
New/Returning Students
A “New” student is a student who has attended college before, but has NOT attended Irvine Valley College or Saddleback College.  A “Returning” student is a student who has attended Irvine Valley College or Saddleback College, but did not attend the immediately preceding fall or spring semester.


T:  949-451-5220
O: Student Services Center

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Monday:​  9 am - 6 pm​
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Hours for Dec 17 - 20
Monday 12/17:​  9 am - 6 pm​
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​Wednesday 12/19: ​ 9 am - 6 pm
​Thursday 12/20:  9 am - 3 pm
​Friday 12/21:

​ Closed - Winter Break

Dec 21 - Jan 2

Hours for Jan 3-4
Thursday 1/3:  9 am - 5 pm​
​Friday 1/4: ​ 9 am - Noon

Regular Office Hours

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