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Steps to Become an IVC Student

New students must complete the following steps in order to become an IVC student and register for classes.

There are eight important steps. Completing these steps can take 3-4 weeks, so plan ahead and complete the following steps in order:

STEP 1: Apply for Admission

If you are 18 years or older, or a high school graduate, or have never attended IVC, or have been away from IVC for one semester, you must complete the IVC California Community College application online.

STEP 2: Complete Guided Self Placement (Matriculation Part 1)

Once you complete the IVC application process, you will receive an email with your IVC student ID number. Your student ID number, along with the PIN you created when you applied, will be your login credentials into MySite, a website you will use frequently as an IVC student.

In order to complete your math and English placements, you will need to log into MySite and complete the Guided Self Placement, which can be found at My Information Matriculation Guided Self Placement.

Both the math and English guided self-placement surveys must be completed in order to complete this step.

If English is not your first language, visit ESL Assessment for more information and to make an assessment appointment.

Note: If you have a disability that might require assessment accommodations, please contact the DSPS office via email or call 949-451-5630 for alternative testing arrangements.

STEP 3: Submit Official High School Transcripts(Matriculation Part 2)

High school transcripts are an essential component for proper placement in courses, and are highly encouraged to be submitted for placement consideration.

Students can order their official transcript online from their high school website and have it sent to IVC.

(NOTE: Please allow 3-5 business days for receipt, review, and processing).

Students who completed high school 10 or more years ago, or who are unable to access their high school transcript, can complete the math and English surveys in Step 2 for placement into transfer-level math and English courses.

STEP 4: Attend Advisement (Matriculation Part 3)

Once your placement results for English/ESL and math are available in MySite, you may complete advisement. Advisement sessions can be completed online or through in-person group sessions.

During advisement sessions, you can expect to learn about:

  • Your assessment results and course placement
  • IVC's course sequence in math and English/ESL
  • Strategies for balancing school and other personal commitments
  • Certificate and degree requirements and transfer options
  • How MySite and the online enrollment process work

Online Advisement

You will need to log into MySite in order to complete online advisement, which can be found at My Information Matriculation Online Advisement.

STEP 5: Develop a First Semester Plan (Matriculation Part 4)

After completing advisement and receiving your math and English/ESL placements, you will be ready to develop a First Semester Plan, which is a set of courses that should be taken in your first semester of college in order to reach your educational goals. First Semester Plans can be completed online or through in-person group advisement sessions.

Online First Semester Plan

MySiteMy Academic Plan Create New Plan

STEP 6: Complete Orientation (Matriculation Part 5)

Orientation will provide you with important information about English and math placement, terminology, policies, available services, and the college’s expectations of you as a student. Orientation can be completed online or through in-person group sessions.

During orientation, you can expect to learn about:

  • Academic expectations
  • Descriptions of available programs, support services, and campus resources
  • Academic calendar and important dates and deadlines
  • Registration and college fees
  • Other college-specific issues, policies, and procedures

Online Orientation

You will need to log into MySite in order to complete the online orientation, which can be found at My Information Matriculation Online Orientation.

STEP 7: Complete FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application

IVC awards over $19 million annually to more than 8,000 students. The overall cost of full-time attendance at a California community college for a full-time student living with parents is over $12,000. To be considered for financial aid at IVC, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (if you’re an AB 540 student, complete the California Dream Application instead). For additional information, visit the Financial Aid website or call the Financial Aid office at 949-451-5287.

STEP 8: Register for Classes

Once you have completed all seven steps listed above, you are ready to register for classes. It is important to register for classes during your scheduled registration date and time. You must log in to MySite to view your registration appointment and/or to add/drop classes at My Classes Add/Drop Classes.

Exemption from Completing the Steps

While completing this list of steps is highly recommended, the following students are exempted from completing them. Students who are exempted include:

  • Students currently enrolled in grade K-12,
  • Students currently enrolled at a four-year college or university while taking IVC classes toward their bachelor’s degree,
  • Students taking IVC classes to maintain a professional license, or
  • Students who have earned an associate degree or higher.

Exempt students in this category will receive a Level 3 or Level 4 registration priority.

Please contact a Senior Matriculation Specialist at 949-451-5315 if you are being asked to complete these steps but fall into one of the exempt categories.