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Advisement Information

Once you have completed the math and English/ESL placement, you may move on to the next step of Advisement and developing a First Semester Plan. Advisement sessions can be completed online or through in-person group sessions. During advisement sessions you can expect to learn about:

  • our math and English placement results and course placement options
  • IVC's course sequence in math and English/ESL
  • Strategies for balancing school and other personal commitments
  • Certificate and degree requirements and transfer options
  • How MySite and the online enrollment process work

After completing an Advisement session, you will be ready to develop a First Semester Academic Plan.

Group Advisement Sessions and First Semester Plan

Students may attend a Freshman Group Advisement session with an IVC counselor. During this session, a counselor will assist students in creating a First Semester Plan. Advisement sessions are located in SSC 250 and appointments are required:

  • February 18 at 3 pm
  • February 27 at 10 am
  • March 3 at 3 pm
  • March 11 at 3 pm
  • March 17 at 10 am
  • March 23 at 3 pm

Online Advisement and First Semester Plan

Students may access Online Advisement and First Semester Plan, by logging into their MySite accounts.

Online Advisement (within MySite)
  1. Click on "My Information"
  2. Click on "Matriculation"
  3. Click on "Online Advisement"
First Semester Plan (within MySite)
  1. Click on "My Academic Plan"
  2. Click on "First Semester Plan"