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Automatic Degree/Certificate Awarding

Automatic degree/certificate awarding is the process by which you will be awarded any and all degrees and certificates for which you’ve completed the requirements, based on course completion within the district. No application is necessary! You could be eligible for degrees or certificates in your primary program of study and/or additional programs that you qualify for. Please note that this process does not take into account courses taken outside of the district or in-progress courses being taken in the current semester. For these cases, you will need to submit the necessary transcripts to Admissions and Records and manually apply through MySite for the relevant degrees and certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will automatic degree awarding affect my financial aid?

No; receiving these degrees or certificates should not impact your federal and state financial aid if you continue to enroll at IVC. If you receive non-IVC-sponsored scholarships, please review their criteria regarding the impact to your benefits.

Will automatic degree awarding affect my veteran benefits?

For student veterans utilizing their post-9/11 GI bill benefits, degrees and certificates received on top of the primary program of study should not impact benefits. Please see a veterans counselor should you have additional questions.

Will automatic degree awarding affect me as an international student with an F-1 visa?

Please note that being awarded a degree or certificate may affect your ability to apply for certain immigration benefits like Optional Practical Training, Reduced Course Load, or Program Extension in a future semester. If you plan to apply for any of these benefits, please call an international counselor in the International Student Office at (949) 451-5414 to determine if you should accept or decline the offered degree(s)/certificate(s).

How can I decline degrees or certificates that I do not wish to receive?

You will be sent an email notifying you of the exact degrees and/or certificates for which you qualify for based on completed courses within the district. Please follow the instructions to decline should you wish. Otherwise, all the degrees and certificates listed in the email will be awarded to you.

When will I be awarded my certificate or degree?

You will be awarded your certificate or degree by the end of the semester. Your completion will be annotated on your transcripts, which can be accessed in your MySite account. You will receive an email at your IVC email address when this has been finalized.

When will I receive my certificate or diploma?

Certificates and diplomas will be mailed within approximately 1-2 months after the end of the completion term.

When will I receive information about commencement?

Commencement is held once a year in the spring semester. Information will be sent to your IVC email account or you can check the Commencement web page for details.

Will I be able to participate in Commencement?

Yes. Commencement is held once a year in the spring semester. Unless you decline our offer to award your degree or certificate of achievement by April 3, you will receive an email inviting you to Commencement in mid-April with details on how to make your reservation for the ceremony.

Are there cases in which I should manually apply for a degree or certificate?

Yes! If you’ve completed courses outside the district that count toward a degree or certificate, then you should submit transcripts from those colleges to Admissions and Records. You should then apply for the relevant degrees and certificates in MySite.

Also, in cases where you believe you qualify for a degree or certificate that is not listed in the auto-award email notification, you should manually apply for it.

What does an “Audit-Denied” award status mean?

Based on a preliminary review of your academic records at our district, we initially believed you qualified for a degree or certificate and auto-applied on your behalf. However, after a formal audit, you did not meet the requirements for the degree or certificate. If you are interested in completing the requirements for this degree or certificate, please visit the Counseling office to review the needed requirements.