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K-12 Special Admissions

The term "special admissions" applies to students who are currently enrolled in grades K-12. These students may enroll in IVC courses on a space available basis. As required by state law, K-12 students will receive a later priority registration time to not displace regularly admitted students.

IVC assumes no responsibility for the supervision of minor students outside of the classroom setting. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are appropriately supervised before class, after class, and if or when a class is cancelled or dismissed early.

Attendance is required, but not monitored as it is in secondary school systems. IVC will not call parent or guardian if a student is absent, nor will we verify attendance. Students are expected to meet all deadlines, classes must be dropped within the deadlines, grade options etc. It is the student's responsibility to know these deadlines. Deadlines are indicated in the class schedule.

STEP 1: Apply to Irvine Valley College

Apply for admission online (unless you are currently enrolled). Students who are under the age of 14 must complete a paper application (available at the Office of Admissions & Records, Student Services Center, Room 110).

  • Summer & Fall Applications accepted beginning February 1.
  • Spring Applications accepted beginning August 1

STEP 2: Complete the "Becoming a New Student Process"

The Matriculation process (Orientation and Advisement) is deferred for K-12 students. However, if you plan to enroll for a course which requires a prerequisite, you must demonstrate satisfactory completion of the prerequisite or take the appropriate assessment. For further information visit the Placement page.

STEP 3: Complete K-12 Form

Please obtain a K-12 Special Admission Request Form online or at the Office of Admissions and Records. Complete the K-12 Special Admission Request Form and submit it to the Office of Admissions and Records.

The form requires:

  • Requested course(s) listed (forms where this is left blank cannot be processed)
  • Principals Permission or authorized designee (must be on file in the IVC Admissions and Records Office)
  • School Seal
  • Student Signature
  • K-8 must obtain Instructor(s) and Academic Dean's signature and request courses by ticket number
  • Education Code places strict enrollment restrictions. Students may enroll for a maximum of 11 units and places strict restrictions for enrollment in physical education courses. Consequently, IVC prohibits does not allow enrollment for physical education classes.

Once the K-12 Special Admission Request Form is completed, do not make alterations or cross out classes listed on the K-12 Special Admission Request Form. ALTERED FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

STEP 4: View Registration Appointment

Your assigned registration appointment is listed under "Appointments" in MySite. You may register on or after your registration appointment before the class begins AND providing the class is still open:

  • 9-12th grade students may register online through MySite
  • K-8th grade students must register in-person at the Office of Admissions and Records

After the class begins OR if the class is closed:

  • Choose the Waitlist option for the class, if it is available
  • Attend the first day of class and request an APC (Add Permit Code)
  • Follow registration instructions above using the APC Code

Please note: Submitting the IVC Admission Application and K-12 Special Admission Request Form does not register students for classes. Students must complete the registration instructions listed above. Failure to follow these procedures will delay or cause you not to be able to enroll

STEP 5: Pay Fees

Due upon Registration!

Pay required fees either online, through MySite or in person at the Bursar's Office. Payment must be received within 5 business days or students may be dropped for nonpayment.