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College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP)

The College and Career Access Pathway is a special part-time dual enrollment program designed for students in grades 7- 12 to enroll in specific designated community college level course(s) taught by Irvine Valley College and offered in agreement with specific secondary schools.

Students are recommended for the dual enrollment opportunity by completing a CCAP form approved via an electronic signature by the approved middle or high school level designee. 

Step 1 – Apply to Irvine Valley College

  • Applications are accepted for the following terms starting on the respective date.
    • Summer and Fall Applications accepted beginning February 1.
    • Spring Applications accepted beginning August 1.
  • Students that have enrolled in an IVC course within the last 12 months will NOT need to re-apply. Continue to Step 2
First Time IVC student
  • A First-Time student is a student that has never applied to IVC. If you are a First-Time student, you will need to:
    • Create a CCC Apply account
    • Apply to IVC using you CCC Apply account
    • Please review the video on how applying as a First-Time student Instruction Video
Returning IVC student
  • A Returning Student is a student that has NOT enrolled in an IVC course in MORE than 12 months are required to complete an updated application.
  • Please review the video on how to submit an application as a Returning Student Instruction Video
Select the following link to access the application portal IVC College Application »

Step 2- Complete CCAP Form

  • Each high school has a designated list of courses they offer each term.
  • The CCAP form is required as proof of approval from a student’s middle or high school that they are prepared to enroll in college level courses.
  • Please review the Instruction Video on how to complete an IVC CCAP Form.
Select the following link to access the CCAP form CCAP form »

Step 3- Add Course using Add Permit Code (APC)

  • A Student will receive an email from Irvine Valley College to their IVC college email that their requested courses have been approved.
  • After receiving that notification from IVC, students are eligible to attain an APC from their High School counselor/program coordinator.
  • The APC code allows a student to add the approved course to their schedule on or after their registration appointment date.
  • Please review the Instruction Video on how to use the APC code.

(Optional) Pass/No Pass Grading Option

  • Grading basis is the decision to receive a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) versus Pass (P), No Pass (NP). Students can change the grading basis of their course.
  • Grading basis changes should be discussed with BOTH your high school counselor and Irvine Valley College counselor to assure the change will meet future needs and requirements for coursework completion-prerequisite, transferability, and credit fulfillment.
  • Please review the Instruction Video on how to change your course grading basis..