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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the General Dual Enrollment Form and CCAP Form?

The General Dual Enrollment Form is for K-12 students who want to request special permission to enroll in any IVC courses except Kinesiology-Physical Education, located at IVC. 

The CCAP Dual Enrollment Form is used to request special permission to enroll in specific designated community college level course(s), designed for students in grades 7- 12. These courses are taught by Irvine Valley College and offered in agreement with specific secondary schools. These courses are usually located at your school.

What username and password do I use to complete the Dual Enrollment Forms?

Use your IVC Email Address and email password. Your default password is your 4-digit pin that you set up during your application process + two zeros (Ex. Pin = 1234, Default Password = 123400).

User name

How do I identify if the course(s) I am interested in requires prerequisites or co-requisites?

  • Visit the Class Schedule for the appropriate term
  • Search for the course in the search bar using the course title or ticket number.
  • Corequisites and prerequisites are listed under the course title. 

Pre Req

How do I “clear” a prerequisite?

Prerequisites are most commonly satisfied by successful completion of the prerequisite course. Submit a completed Prerequisite-Placement Clearance form and upload your high school/college transcript. For more information on how to clear a prerequisite, visit:

What should I do if my school is not listed on the Dual Enrollment Forms?

If you are unable to located your school as a choice on the General Dual Enrollment form, use this NOT LISTED LINK to complete your request and add a school. 

My Dual Enrollment Form was approved. When can I register?

Completing the Dual Enrollment forms is the process of attaining eligibility for course registration. These forms DO NOT enroll a student in any course(s). 

9th –12th grade students may register online through MySite on their assigned registration date and time. If you are taking CCAP courses, you will need to obtain an APC Code from your school coordinator.

K - 8 Students cannot enroll themselves through MySite. We will enroll you after we receive approval from both the dean and instructor of each class listed on your Dual Enrollment form.

My college of record is Saddleback, but I want to take courses at IVC.

You can still take courses at IVC. Use your Saddleback email address and password to complete your Dual Enrollment form (for General Dual Enrollment, list only IVC courses). If you would like to enroll in Saddleback courses too, you will need to submit a separate Dual Enrollment form to Saddleback college. We cannot approve Saddleback courses. 

How do I check my registration appointment date?

  • Log onto MySite using your IVC student ID number and pin.
  • Click “Appointments” under “My Information”.
  • Click the down arrow next to “Semester” and click the correct semester 
  • View your appointment START DATE AND TIME (under the word “Starts”)

Please remember that students always have a WINDOW OF TIME to register, and the screen will show you the date and time you may begin registering. Your WINDOW OF TIME always ends at 11:00 pm, the night before the semester starts. Also, students cannot register prior to the date and time assigned to them. 

How do I check the status of a Dual Enrollment Form?

All forms are hosted on our Dynamic Forms Portal. To check the status, please log in to your Dynamic Forms Portal using your IVC student email address and password.

In general, you should receive an email to your IVC Student Email confirming that the parent/principal completed their portion of the form.

After logging into your Dynamic Forms Dashboard, find the Pending/Draft Forms section and select the PDF view of the form. At the bottom of the form, you will see signatures that are pending and the timestamps of the signatures that have already been collected.

Status Definition

  • Incomplete— You must complete your section of the form.
  • Multi-Pending— Your request is waiting for the signature from one of the signers. Forms that are not signed will not move forward in the approval process.
  • Pending— Your request has been approved by your parent and high school counselor

If I submitted my General Dual Enrollment Form listing one course and I am not able to attend... do I have to submit another form?

If you want to register for a different course that is not listed on the approved form, you need to submit another form.

How do I Cancel Registration? 

If at any time you need to cancel the registration process, please use the Cancel Registration button. If you simply close the internet browser window without using the button; all changes will be lost, you will be locked from registration for 30 minutes, and any APC codes used will become invalid/unusable. 

Why is the Button Greyed Out?

If the button is greyed out, you may need to perform another action before you're allowed to register. The Important Message above the term box will indicate what action you'll need to take before being able to register for classes.

Parents and School Administrators

How do I sign students' Dual Enrollment Forms?

Once a student completes a Dual Enrollment form, the designated parent (and later, school administrator) will receive an email from "IVCForms". Please see an example below.

Email Confirmation Screenshot

In order to sign your student’s form, parents and school staff will need to create a Dynamic Forms Account:

How to create a new user account in Dynamic Forms

  1. Click here and select "Create New Account" on the login page
    Create a new account screen shot
  2. Complete the required information and then select "Create Account."
  3. You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided. Select "Confirm Email."
  4. You're ready to log into your form using your new username/password.

I clicked on the link into my account, but I saw an error message saying that I cannot access the form, why?

Different User

If the student and parent are using the same computer to complete the Dynamic Form the student must first log out of their account before the parent can login into theirs. We recommend logging out as soon as the student portion is completed and closing the browser. 

Log out

The parent can then reopen the browser and go to the correct link and access their dashboard to complete the forms.

Opting out of electronic signature

You have the option to opt-out of electronic signature. However, you must print the form, complete it, sign and submit it to the Office of Admissions and Records