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Valid for 2022 IUSD Summer College Program

AJ 2 — Introduction to Administration of Justice, (Ticket 60505)

  • Comprehensively examines the historical development, philosophy, and theoretical aspects of the three components of the American criminal justice system, the police, courts, and corrections.
  • 3 Units

BIO 1 — The Life Sciences, (Ticket: 60775)

  • An introductory general education lecture course in biology. Includes cell and molecular biology, physiology, genetics, ecology, and evolution.
  • 3 Units

BIO 1L —  The Life Science Laboratory, (Ticket 60765)

  • Topics include the application of laboratory equipment and procedures to the investigation of biological systems from the biochemical, cellular, organismal, ecological, and evolutionary perspective.
  • 1 Units

HD 4 - Infant and Toddler Development, (Ticket 90175)

  • A study of infants and toddlers from preconception to age three including physical, cognitive, language, social, and emotional growth and development. Applies theoretical frameworks to interpret behavior and interactions between heredity and environment. Emphasizes the role of family and relationships in development.
  • 3 Units

MGT 1 — Introduction to Business, (Ticket 61610)

  • A survey in business providing a multidisciplinary examination of how culture, society, economic systems, legal, international, political, financial institutions, and human behavior interact to affect a business organization’s policy and practices within the U.S. and a global society.
  • 3 Units

PSYC 1 — Introduction to Psychology, (Ticket 60455)

  • An introduction to the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.
  • 3 Units