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Valid for 2021 IUSD Summer College program

AJ 2 — Introduction to Administration of Justice, (Ticket 90060)

  • Comprehensively examines the historical development, philosophy, and theoretical aspects of the three components of the American criminal justice system, the police, courts, and corrections.
  • 3 Units

BIO 1 — The Life Sciences, (Ticket: 60390)

  • An introductory general education lecture course in biology. Includes cell and molecular biology, physiology, genetics, ecology, and evolution.
  • 3 Units

BIO 1L —  The Life Science Laboratory, (Ticket 61550)

  • Topics include the application of laboratory equipment and procedures to the investigation of biological systems from the biochemical, cellular, organismal, ecological, and evolutionary perspective.
  • 1 Units

MGT 1 — Introduction to Buisness, (Ticket 60770)

  • A survey in business providing a multidisciplinary examination of how culture, society, economic systems, legal, international, political, financial institutions, and human behavior interact to affect a business organization’s policy and practices within the U.S. and a global society.
  • 3 Units

PSYC 1 — Introduction to Psychology, (Ticket 61305)

  • An introduction to the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.
  • 3 Units