Steps for Enrolling in K-12 at IVC | Admissions

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Steps for Enrolling in K-12 at IVC

Step 1: Apply to Irvine Valley College

Apply for Summer 2021 admission online (unless you are registered in a spring 2021 class). IVC is currently accepting summer applications for admission. You will receive an IVC student ID number that will be required to register for classes.

Step 2: Complete the IUSD High School Special Request Form

The K-12 Special Admission form is a DocuSign form that requires electronic signatures. Once all signatures are attained, the form will be automatically submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records.

The form requires:

  • Students electronic signature
  • Parent/Guardian electronic signature.
  • Principal’s permission or authorized designee electronic signature.

To assure that your current High School administrator approves your course selection you must:

  • Select the “Career College Access Pathway (CCAP)” option
  • Then select the “IUSD Summer Program 2021” with the high school you are currently attending

Enrollments are accepted on a first come basis. Once courses are filled, students are placed on a waiting list.

K-12 Special Admission Request Form

Step 3 Pay Fees and Purchase Books

Enrollment fees are waived for high schools students. Measure BB will cover the Health Fee, and if applicable, the non-resident tuition and capital outlay fees. Students are responsible for material fees, parking fees, and purchasing books. Although material fees may be paid in person at the time of enrollment or online through MySite, parking fees must be handled through MySite. Payment must be received within five (5) business days of registering or students may be dropped for nonpayment. Books for all classes can be purchased at the Irvine Valley College Bookstore.