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General Dual Enrollment Program

What is the General Dual Enrollment Form (formally known as the K-12 Form)?

Students enrolled in grades K-12 will use the General Dual Enrollment Form to request special permission to enroll in IVC courses, located at IVC. This form allows students to enroll in up to 11 units without being charged enrollment fees.

How do I complete the General Dual Enrollment Form?

Review the steps in the "Getting Started" section before completing the General Dual Enrollment Form.

Choose your respective school and complete the online Dual Enrollment Form.

If you are unable to located your school as a choice on the form above, use this NOT LISTED LINK to complete your request and add a school. 

The General Dual Enrollment Form requires a student to have applied to IVC and received their student ID number and email.

District Sign In screen

Your IVC student email and password will be the login credentials that allow you access to the Dual Enrollment form. The default password is your pin number, plus two zeros at the end. Example: If your pin number is 1234, your password will be 123400. If you previously changed your password, use it to log in.

The form requires following:

  • Requested course(s) listed (forms where this is left blank cannot be processed)
  • Students electronic signature
  • Parent/Guardian electronic signature.
  • Principal’s permission or authorized designee electronic signature.

*Students who are currently enrolled in grades K-8 must obtain approval from the Instructor(s) of the desired course by ticket number and the Academic Dean's signature. After receiving the student’s General Dual Enrollment Form, we will request approval from the Instructor(s) and Dean(s) on the student's behalf.

Once a student completes their form, the designated parent will receive an email from "IVCForms". Please see example below.

Parent Email Confirmation

In order to sign a student’s form, parents and school staff will need to create a Dynamic Forms Account.

Parents & School Administrators: How to create a new user account in Dynamic Forms

  1. Click here and select "Create New Account" on the login page
    Create a new account screen shot

    Watch: How to Create Dynamics Form Account Video »

  2. Complete the required information and then select "Create Account."
  3. You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided. Select "Confirm Email."
  4. You're ready to log into your form using your new username/password.

Once the form is complete what’s next?

Once all signatures are attained, the form will be automatically submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records. Processing time is 2 business days from final signature (excluding weekends and college holidays).

The approved courses will be assigned to the student account by IVC Admissions staff. Assigning  approved course(s) to a student’s account DOES NOT mean that the student is registered for course(s). Assigning courses permits the registration system to allow a student to enroll themselves in the requested course(s) on their assigned registration date.

Your assigned registration appointment will be listed under "Appointments" in MySite. You may register on or after your registration appointment before the class begins AND providing the class is still open.

  • 9th –12th grade students may register online through MySite
  • K - 8 students cannot enroll themselves through MySite. We will enroll them after we receive approval from both the dean and instructor of each class listed on the General Dual Enrollment Form.
  • K - 12 Students are allowed to enroll in up to 11 units per term.

Watch: How to Register for Classes Video »

After the class begins OR if the class is closed:

  • Choose the Waitlist option for the class if it is available
  • Attend the first day of class and request an APC (Add Permit Code)
  • Follow registration instructions above using the APC Code